Jeddah hosts an exhibition of coffee and chocolate

Jeddah hosts an exhibition of coffee and chocolate

Jeddah is preparing to host the International Coffee and Chocolate Fair at its Jeddah International Exhibition and Convention Center, which will be held from 30 March to 2 April 2018.

Saudi love for coffee and chocolates:

The Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce in Jeddah, Hassan Dahlan, their perception in the room to the extent of interest of a large segment of the community coffee, which is the interface of Arab culture and symbol generosity as well as being a daily drink to the Saudis is difficult to dispense with it, while can not ignore one of the association of chocolate coffee and love of society Saudi for these two commodities. The number of licenses issued for the coffee shop in the city of Jeddah for the year 2017 exceeded 400 licenses, an increase of about 30% from where he cited "Dahlan", citing the year before 2016. Dahlan drew attention to recent statistics issued by the US Foreign Trade Bureau, which is related to the consumption of chocolate and coffee in the Kingdom. 3 kg of chocolate, while the consumption of coffee in one year 30.4, according to these statistics that the Saudi individual consumes annually kilograms.

Investment opportunities

The Secretary General of the Jeddah Chamber highlighted the importance of this exhibition for the national economy, especially as it offers new investment opportunities in this vital sector, which has grown from its vision in the new to the entrepreneurs and attracts the global experience in the industry, It also opens up prospects for the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture Ministry's recent approval to attract investors, suppliers and researchers for new investments in one place. He pointed out coffee research at the Jazan Agricultural Research Center, which contains 110 trees in 800 farms, Which successfully folded body Viva Bastzeralla area in the first experience at the level of the Arab world, where the ministry is looking forward to access this product to the world to achieve economic income.

Top producers of chocolate and coffee

Dahlan stressed the importance of creating such an activity, which contributes to the presence of local companies and their meeting in one place and time, reflecting the development of this sector in the Kingdom, and shows the opportunities of great development for the public sector in addition to helping the manufacturers of chocolate and coffee to develop their business And explore new markets, and open new horizons for entrepreneurs wishing to enter the field and meet senior managers of participating companies through an integrated calendar of meetings. The exhibition will host a selection of top producers of chocolate and coffee in exchange for the most important companies and institutions working in this field at the local and international levels. The exhibition will allow them to learn about the latest international trends and the latest innovations and new options of chocolate and coffee and technological developments in this area Under one roof, in addition to a number of specialized workshops provided by local and international specialists in these fields. While the statistics of the General Administration of Customs revealed that the Kingdom's total imports of coffee in 2017 amounted to 784.58 thousand tons, a value exceeding 5.832 million riyals, compared to the statistics of the previous year 2016, which reached the volume of imports of coffee (784.51) tons and the value of (319.062 (675) riyals with an increase of 9.18% in value and 9.11% in volume.