barista advanced

barista advanced

05/12/2018 14:06 hours 6

The barista course we will be looking to refine your dose, distribution and tamping technique.

How to steam milk correctly and prepare multiple orders under a timed assessment will also be integral to your day.

Scales and brew ratios will be introduced to help us select and dial in a coffee recipe. We will be demonstrating the effect of different extractions of coffee and using our palettes to recognise defects, and most importantly how to improve the finished coffee.

Aimed at those with some experience in the coffee industry already, the advanced course is a great choice for those looking to take their skill and knowledge to the next level.

Covering everything from the different coffee varieties to milk chemistry and financial management, this course not only reinforces the skills you’ve already learned; it introduces various new aspects that you might not have much experience in.

Combine this with our interactive hands-on approach and this course is a fun-fuelled adventure

Key Skills: ·

Coffee Beans – Single origin coffees, the different processing methods and the roasting process.

Grinding – Using grind settings for different brew methods including aeropress and french press.

How to fine tune your grind settings and make adjustment.

How to maintain, break down and clean your grinder.

Brewing – Introduction to brew ratios and how they can help improve consistency. Pulling the perfect shot and ristrettos.

Milk – Looking at the chemistry of milk, steaming to perfection with whole, skimmed and soya milk and the basic latte art pouring method and etching.

Barista workflow – Using different sized jugs, handling multiple orders and working efficiently.

Workshop Price : 1700 SAR
Early Registeration Price : 1700 SAR
Last Date For Early Registeration : 26/11/2018


David Berti

David Berti


Authorized SCA Trainer

Coffee Consultant/Training

Cup Of Excellence Judge

Italian Cezve/Ibrik Champion 2013/2014/2015

World Cezve/Ibrik Champion 2015

Italian Coffee and Good Spirits Champion 2015 and 2016

Italian Aeropress Champion 2015

Jim Watson

Jim Watson

has trained over 6000 people in the last twenty plus years and is an Accredited SCA and City & Guilds Trainer.

Jim oversees all the training courses provided by the Scottish Barista Academy. Jim’s love of coffee, expert knowledge and dedicated enthusiasm shines through everything he does.

He started out in the coffee industry in 1988 and built a successful coffee roasting and supply business that grew into today’s Scottish Barista Academy, established in 2013.

Owen Thom and two other certified trainers

Owen Thom and two other certified trainers

Owen looks after all areas of Education Development. He helps promote the Coffee Skills Program, ASTs, and Campuses by discussing the importance of coffee education, coffee excellence and the values of the program and how anyone can be involved.

Owen will be regularly speaking at events, promoting SCA and SCA Education to individual and corporate members.

Owen also carries out campus inspections, observations and is a point of contact for any queries.

Said about us

Said about us 2

The Saudi Market is one of the biggest in the Middle East, especially in Coffee and Chocolate purchasing rates which reached

Said about us

The Saudi Market is one of the biggest in the Middle East, especially in Coffee and Chocolate purchasing rates which reached